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Bronx Boxing




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Amateur Program

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The ABC(Inwood Boxing Club) Amateur Boxing program provides weekly training Monday through Friday. Male and female participants ages 12 to 35 are welcome. Our amateur boxing program consist of dynamic certified and licensed amateur/professional trainers, who are mentors to our youth and specializes in health, fitness, nutrition, and boxing/self-defense. Each ABC participate or member is screened and interviewed upon enrolling in the academy.

All participate under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian, (profile, school schedules/programs report cards, must be provided.

The ABC amateur boxing program also serves as a positive alternative that maintains and fosters active and positive lifestyles to keep kids in the ring and off the streets. The first 90 days our mission ii to counter act physical health deficiency, (asthma, obesity, etc.) mental health deficiency, negative social behaviors, messages and/or experiences that are reinforced to our youth everyday. The ABC initial goal with our competitive members who joins is to "empower and breed the champion potential that is within each individual".

The ABC amateur boxing program is proud to announce we have advanced to the quarterfinals in the 2008 New York Golden Gloves and won the New Jersey Golden Gloves Championship. See attached Golden Gloves winners, Matthew Slane and Norman Lopez training less than 8 months with the ABC, with no prior boxing experience. ABC amateur boxing program is also proud to announce we have advanced to the semifinals in the 81 annual 2009 New York Golden Gloves. See attached Golden Gloves winner. With our undefeated record we are determined to win the championship.

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