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Get Fit Program

The ABC's Get Fit" youth and family fitness program. "There is no better investment in your child's health and well being than promoting proper nutrition and a safe and regular exercise regime". Coach Tony Hedgemond our Fitness Guru of ABC is on a mission. The Inwood Boxing Academy was founded by Mr. Joseph Brender in 2006, which has successful created an opportunity with the Inwood community, to "keep our kids in the ring and off the streets." At the ABC, the youth and children get a head start on a positive lifestyle experience that can help protect against negative risk that we are all subjected to in life. We just ensure positive choices, supported by positive role models.

"Get Fit", members are welcomed at any age. Our youngest member is 6 years of age and oldest 74 years of age. Everyone can experience growth and vitality everyday, when building a solid foundation for a health through excersing. Boxing fitness training develops focus, concentration, self-control, confidence, and responsible behavior. In the ring, you need 95 percent mental focus and outside 95 percent physical.