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Masters Boxing Rules

Bronx Boxing




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Masters Boxing Division Rules

All boxers in this classification must be a minimum of 35 years of age. The age difference between contestants shall be no more than ten (10) calendar years. A boxer may compete against opponents who are not more than ten (10) years younger or ten (10) years older. All official rules apply to these classifications, with the exception of those listed below:

(A) Boxers will be limited to boxing three rounds of two-minute duration.

(B) 12 oz. competition gloves will be used for all weight categories.

(C) Boxers must pass an annual medical exam and be declared, "fit to box" with the following elements before being registered to box:

  1. No history of diabetes, high blood pressure or chest pain.
  2. No history of chronic headaches.
  3. Blood pressure less than 145/90.
  4. Graded exercise EKG every five (5) years beginning at age 45.
  5. Normal eye examination by an ophthalmologist every five (5) years.

(D) The passbook of the master boxer must contain the signature of the examining physician who performed his/her annual physical and the results placed on file with the LBC, along with the boxer's registration application. The signature shall be entered in the appropriate section under annual physical examination.

(E) Pre-bout examinations shall be the same as those performed on all other classifications of boxers.

(F) Masters boxers may not compete against boxers younger than 35 years.